~Fargo Instructors~

Christian Dickson

Certified  Sculpt & Shred, Bikram, Vinyasa 200HR RYT & Barre

Hello everyone! My name is Christian Dickson. I was born and raised in Fargo, ND. I have one younger sister Liberty who is graduating high school this year. I am currently attending NDSU where I am studying Finance with a minor in Psychology.

My passion for fitness happened my second semester of college, where I enrolled in a health/wellness course. From this I gained knowledge for living a healthier lifestyle. It wasn’t until a year and a half ago that a friend introduced me to Haute Yogis. The first class I attended was yoga sculpt and shred. I was nervous to give it a try, but quickly fell in love with yoga. Yoga sculpt was the only class I would do every Thursday, until I found out about Vinyasa and Haute 20’s classes, which have been a life changer. My once a week visits quickly became a daily routine for me! Yoga has helped me grow mentally and physically. My stress levels from school and daily life has gone down from joining Haute Yogis.

When the opportunity came up to train with Krystle as a Sculpt and Shred instructor, I could not pass it up. I am always learning as a student of yoga and hope to share my passion for yoga as Krystle and Brady and all the other instructors have done for me. I am extremely happy to have this opportunity and be part of the Haute Yogis community!

Hailey Von Wald

Certified 200 HR RYT Vinyasa & Bikram

Hi, there! My name is Hailey Von Wold. I grew up in the Twin Cities area but have lived in the Fargo-Moorhead area for my entire adult life. I have Studio Art and Communication Studies degrees from Concordia College and I currently work there full time in the Global Learning (Study Abroad) office.

Growing up, I was always pretty flexible but never fit the mold of being a traditionally "athletic" and felt discouraged from many forms of physical activity. When I first tried yoga. I was drawn to the low-stakes pressure of it. In yoga it is not about who can do the pose best, it is all about the personal progress and effort both physically and mentally. Those first experiences were significant in keeping me interested in the practice and I have my instructors to thank for that. When teaching, I try to recall how I felt starting out and instruct in a way that's encouraging, informative, and helpful.

When I am not at the studio, I love to travel. Whether it's camping in the Grand Tetons, strolling through museums in France, or drinking craft brews in Portland, I'm always up for an adventure. Despite my frequent travels, I am also a big fan of Fargo and love getting involved in the downtown community where I live. I am a voracious reader (give me your recommendations!), love plants (I have 34 plant babies:), enjoy chatting over a good cup of coffee, and I love doing just about any type of art or craft. My favorite pose depends on the day, but I really enjoy triangle pose, all of the pigeons (half, full, flying) and headstands. I look forward to seeing you at the studio!

Megan Sanford 200 HR RYT

Certified 200 HR RYT Vinyasa & Bikram 

My name is Megan Sanford. I grew up in Bismarck, ND, but I have lived in Fargo
since 2011. I have always been intrigued by fitness and how the human body functions. I have
been a competitive swimmer ever since I can remember and I am still currently involved in the
sport as a swim coach at MSU Moorhead. I started my yoga practice at age 16 because of one
of my aunts love for the practice. It has since complimented my sporting activities, daily life,
and life’s stressors.
My current position at MSU Moorhead gives me the ability to do what I love on a daily basis. I
am able to guide and lead young individuals. I am very passionate about physical, mental, and
spiritual health. Completing my 200YTT has given me the resources to expand my yoga practice,
meet delightful new people, and continue to spread my passion with others.
I am continually grateful to be a part of the Haute Yogis community. The studio has grown to be
a place of comfort and positive energy. You can catch me around the studio almost every day of
the week (except in the summer, I LOVE to travel). I am grateful for every person I encounter
and I hope to spread joy and love each day! I love meeting new people, so feel free to stop by

Dalton Hanson

Certified 200hr Vinyasa RYT

Hi! I'm Dalton, and I am a Fargo native. After graduating from Fargo North
High School in 2012, I earned a degree in Communications from MSUM in 2016. I’ve
lived in London, Boston, and Minneapolis, but I am happy to be back home in the
Fargo-Moorhead community.
Haute Yogis is part of my everyday routine. I found yoga at a transition point
in my life, and it quickly became a life-changing practice and life-saving hobby.
When I’m not in the studio, I’m either playing or listening to music. I taught myself
how to play acoustic guitar in high school, and I am always listening to new releases.
My favorite music is R&B, but my playlists consist of a little bit of everything. Tell me
about your favorite album, and I’ll listen to it.
I spend free time with family and friends, and my little family recently
expanded by one: a little Shiba named Naia. If she’s not pushing toys off my balcony,
she’s asking for her tenth walk of the day.
I am excited to practice and grow alongside you. See you soon!

Lexi Eissinger

Certified 200 HR RYT Vinyasa, Bikram, & Sculpt & Shred

Rebekah Klide-Schultz

Certified 200 HR RYT Vinyasa, Bikram, and Sculpt & Shred

Hi everyone! My name is Rebekah Schultz, but most people call me Bekah, and I am super excited about the opportunity to teach at Haute Yogis! I live with my wonderful husband and hockey playing son and we spend a lot of time following our Moorhead youth hockey teams around the state. Go Spuds!

I grew up in Fergus Falls, MN and graduated from Hillcrest Academy in…haha, I’m not going to say when☺ Although I lived at home, Hillcrest was primarily a boarding school, and having that opportunity in high school has blessed me with many life-long friends who live all over the US. One of my favorite things to do is travel to various parts of the country and visit friends! Growing up, I played volleyball and was a cheerleader for many years. While my volleyball skills were JV back-row fill in at Best, I found that cheerleading was much more up my alley and I was the captain of both my football and basketball cheerleading squads.

When I started college, my intention was to pursue a career as a music teacher. To make a little money, I found a part time job at a group home working with adults with developmental disabilities – and it pretty much changed my life. I decided that practicing piano for 8 hours a

day in a room all by myself was not for me, changed my major to Social Work, and moved up to attend MSU (Moorhead State at the time). I graduated with a Bachelors in Social Work and have been employed in the field ever since. I absolutely love it and wouldn’t change a thing.

I have Always truly enjoyed and had a passion for exercise and all kinds of fitness activities! During college, I taught some “old school” Step Aerobics, along with a few other random classes…do you guys remember that Slide thing?! Think 90’s fitness trends. Imagine trying to teach a 60 minute class on something where Basically your only option is sliding back and forth on a 3 foot piece of plastic type stuff. OH boy. Really, though, I am Always a fan of trying anything new, don't take myself too seriously, and am basically game for all forms of group fitness activities. I have one sister who teaches Pilates and one who teaches dance type classes, so it definitely runs in the family.😊 I also love running and have run in 11 Half-marathon races and 1 Marathon. Yes 1 full. And that’s probably the end of that. I like the half-marathon distance! The first one I ever ran was in 2003 at the Grandma’s race in Duluth and I was hooked. I pretty much always run the Fargo race in May, so maybe I will see some of you there!

I found yoga kind of late in the game. I had certainly heard a lot about it but had not tried it until I decided to take a parent/child class with my son. I absolutely fell in love – actually we both did. Andrew loves to do yoga with me at home! It’s been several years since that time and I have continued to grow in my yoga practice. I got my Yoga certification through NETA in the fall of 2014 and have been teaching in town for the past year and a half; both yoga and yoga sculpt, along with a little bit of Step along the way. I am currently working through a teacher training program in MA, but I am thrilled that I will be able to complete my 200YTT through Krystle and Haute Yogis right here in town! Here is what I Love most about yoga – As someone with a pretty busy brain☺, it is often the Only Hour I spend all day long where I am Completely present in the moment and that is it. I cherish everything about that hour and love practicing yoga. More than any exercise I've ever done, yoga helps me feel strong and comfortable in my own skin. I love teaching and seeing people start to feel stronger and more confident in their bodies and spirits. Come to my classes and you get your own personal cheerleader! And I love learning. I love attending classes; I love different teaching styles and different types of yoga. I first found Haute Yogis when I attended a workshop held here about a year ago. Prior to that, when I would take classes, I kind of be-bopped around to different places here and there. After attending that workshop, I fell in love with this studio and haven’t looked back. The sense of community and the warm smiles on people’s faces was so inviting. I felt like I just wanted to spend all my time here with all you friendly people! So, I kept coming back and I am so excited I will be able to teach here as well!

"Yoga taught me love and it gave me freedom. I believe that a few encouraging words can not only make someone's day, but perhaps change the trajectory of their entire lives". - Dana Falsetti

Jaime Pollert

Certified Yoga Sculpt

Jaime’s yoga journey began when her personal trainer at the time encouraged her to try hot yoga due to chronic back pain after the birth of her second boy. (8 years ago) It was the immediate strength and mental transformation that changed her life. She found her true success on her mat, learning to love herself and be present in the moment. She earned her Sculpt certificate in 2014 and plans to complete her 200 RYT/Yoga Alliance certification in the near future.

Jaime is passionate, loving, powerful, and supportive. She strives to make her class inspiring and vibrant, while promoting personal growth. She always encourages her students to be present on their mat, leaving negativity behind. She wants you to open your heart and mind to new things and be grateful.

She is badass yogi, known for her burpees haha, but always welcomes everyone with open arms. She is excited to share her passion of yoga, fitness, and over all wellness and help them find inner love, strength, and peace.

She is loyal to her family and friends and devoted to her four young boys. They keep her busy with their active lifestyles.

Away from the studio, she has been in education for 18 years, holds 2 masters degrees, and teaches mathematics at Minnesota State Community & Technical College.

Jess Bledsoe

Certified 200 HR RYT Vinyasa  Yoga

Hello! My name is Jess and I am a certified 200 hour RYT instructor at Haute Yogis! I was born in Coon Rapids, MN, but have been in the Fargo area pretty much my entire life! I have a little sister named Jilly (if you’re reading this get your butt to class!), along with my parents JoDee and Jessie. Currently I live in the Osgood area with my two kitties Otter and Lily. I also have four puppies at my parents, Lola, Daisy, Gypsy, and Jasper….Clearly I come from a family of animal lovers! Besides yoga (obviously) I love to read, paint, travel, hang out with family and friends, and binge watch netflix and hulu all while enjoying coffee or wine! I graduated high school from the ORIGINAL West Fargo High School (go Packers!), and recently earned my bachelor’s degree from NDSU in Apparel, Retail Merchandising, and Design with a minor in Sociology. What I am going to do with this degree is beyond me (I’m not supposed to know anyways right?), but the first thing I wanted to do after finishing school was earn my 200 hour RYT certification from Haute Yogis!

I first began my yoga journey during high school, in my parents basement, on youtube and pinterest. It was safe to say I thought I was a pro (but not safe at all)!;) I then dabbled in a few different classes around the FM area and knew I enjoyed the practice, but just never found the right fit. My little sister and her teammates had been taking classes from Haute Yogis during their volleyball off season….and yes at first I thought they all were insane to want to be doing yoga in a room at that temperature. Then one day my sister and mom drug me to a class, in which I had no intention of loving, and what do ya know...I was hooked! I had finally found the studio that I belonged to and now I have the honor of teaching alongside the other beautiful souls who welcomed me with open arms. I am so excited to share this amazing practice with all of you and am honored that you have allowed me the privilege to guide you through it!


Alex Knutson

Certified 200 HR RYT Vinyasa Yoga

Hello Haute Yogis Fam! My name is Alex Knutson. A little bit about me..I am a Fargo native. I have one younger brother Zach (also apart of the Haute Yogi fam) who is currently working for Nilles Law Firm.I work for Microsoft as an Azure Customer Success Manager (post sales for Microsoft cloud).
My passion for yoga started around 7 years ago when I stepped into Xtreme Measures and met Krystle Kvidt for the first time. I remember the first yoga class I took from her like it was yesterday! She took the time to work with me and help me develop correct form and the foundation of yoga. Eventually I moved on from Xtreme Measures but continued my yoga practice at home, in local gyms and yoga
studios in Fargo.
About a year ago one of my fellow yogis encouraged me to try Bikram at Haute Yogis. BEST. DECISION. EVER. I immediately fell in love with this sequence. After class, I switched my yoga membership to Haute Yogis full time and never looked back. Yoga has taught me more about myself mentally and physically than I could have ever imagined. My life has been forever changed by this wonderful practice and the Haute Yogis community. I continue to grow in my practice and share it with others as often as I
can. If you are new to yoga or years into your yoga practice come take a class from any of our Ommazing Instructors, I promise you it will be the best decision you’ve ever made. *Namaste*

Molly Boe

Certified 200 HR RYT Vinyasa Yoga

Hi, everyone, I’m Molly. I love good food, rock music, and Haute Yogis! I grew up in Hatton, ND, the “City of Action.” In high school I played basketball, volleyball, golf, and was on the track team. For fun in high school I practiced yoga and belly dance, both led by some DVDs I picked up at Best Buy. I continued to attend yoga classes throughout college and after at the YMCA and other various studios until I found Haute Yogis about a year and a half ago.
I have experience coaching volleyball and basketball, as well as teaching swimming lessons. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) and a Master’s Degree in Special Education Strategy from the University of North Dakota (UND). I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Korey. Korey and I have two beautiful daughters and two naughty Golden Retrievers – all of whom keep us on our toes! When I’m not teaching school or sweating my butt off at Haute Yogis, I enjoy meal planning, cooking, brewing, reading, gardening, rocking out to loud music, and soaking in the bath tub. I have found hot yoga to be a life-changing practice. I use it to manage my arthritis, day to day pressures, and the mental and emotional stress of pouring my heart into education.
“Be Your Unapologetically Weird Self”
-Chris Sacca

Jessica Jorgensen

Certified 200 HR RYT Vinyasa Yoga

My name is Jessica or Jess for short! I am originally from Blaine, Minnesota, I moved up here for college and volleyball. I have been involved in yoga since my mom started taking me to her classes when I was 12. I played D1 volleyball at NDSU for 4 years so, after my busy years playing volleyball. I got my 200 hr certification through Haute Yogis (eager to get my 500 hr just need to find time!). It was by far one of the most life changing experiences, I learned so much about yoga and so much about myself along the way. As an instructor I want to help you find what I found in myself. Yoga helped me in so many ways mentally and physically and I hope it helps all of you even if it's in a small way. Right now I teach Vinyasa at Haute Yogis, I am the Director of Operations for NDSU Volleyball and I also am in graduate school to get my Master's of Business Administration. I love to travel, any chance I get I will go somewhere! 2018 was a great travel year but, 2019 will be better! I am typically a very introverted person but, I am very optimistic, I love adventure, adrenaline and the challenge of trying something new, I tried SCUBA diving for the first time this year and I can't wait to get certified! Although I have no kids I have a kitty named Luna and she is all white with a little grey between her ears, she's my baby and I spoil the crap out of her, I also have a boyfriend that I am very, very happy with. I am close with my family, my sister actually followed me to Fargo for school and now we live 2 doors down from each other in the same apartment building, it's a fun time! I love hearing about where people have traveled too so, if you have any amazing places that are a must see, let me know, I love stories! After any class if you ever have any questions or comments feel free to ask me. Namasté 🧘‍♀️

Marna Klug

Certified Spin Instructor

Marna has degrees from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN and the University of North Dakota.

She is passionate about people's hearts and bodies. She's a practicing clinical therapist in Fargo and Grand Forks since 1994. She has been a certified spin instructor since 1999.

Sophie Birchem

Certified 200 HR RYT Vinyasa Yoga

Hi! My name is Sophie Birchem. I was born in Maplewood Minnesota. I grew up in Breckenridge, Minnesota with five siblings. Family is everything to me! I currently live in Wahpeton North Dakota with my husband – Tyler, one-year old son – Beau, and German Wirehair -Libby. I own my own business as a Licensed Massage Therapist. I love my job and those it has brought into my life. If I am not working or spending time with family, you can find me at Haute Yogis attending Bikram, teaching Vinyasa, or sipping on a wild thing. I chose to become an instructor due to my passion for yoga and love of natural healing. Our bodies are a temple and we should treat them as such. Yoga is a great tool to do so! I hope to share my passion and knowledge with YOU to further YOUR practice. Here are a few of my favorite yoga quotes.

In life you only have to travel six inches. That is the distance from your head to your heart. – Bikram

Yoga is the only exercise on this plant from which you gain energy instead of burning it. - Bikram

Om Purnam


Madison Drummond

Certified 200 HR RYT Vinyasa Yoga

Hi all! My name is Madison Drummond and I grew up here in south Fargo. I was a dancer all throughout school. After I graduated, I found that yoga fulfilled the empty space dance left! I have grown to love yoga so much that it feels like a second home to me! When I’m not at the yoga studio, you can find me studying, spending time with my family, or planning a trip to the mountains!

Rachel Frey

Certified 200HR RYT Vinyasa Yoga 

Hey, I'm Rachel! I was born and raised right here in Grand Forks, ND. I work full time at Peterson Veterinary Clinic in East Grand Forks, and attend online school to obtain my degree as a Veterinary Technician. When not at work I love getting outside, traveling, camping, cooking (okay, I mean eating) and spending time with my own pets. I have two cats, Riley (10) and Stephanie French (1), and one giant dog, Charlotte (2). Charlotte is my handful, but together we love getting out in nature, working on obedience, and having fun playing around with some basic agility skills. We love taking classes together at the Grand Forks Dog Training Club, where I also volunteer my time when I can as another way of giving back to the pets and pet owners in our community.

Yoga first became part of my life solely for the mental health benefits, often as class got physically demanding I used to take breaks thinking, "well, I'm not really here for that"- now I know that half of the benefit to my mind is my ability to do more than I think I can, persevere, and get stronger- 'If I can conquer my body, I can conquer my mind'! As yoga became a part of my daily self care routine I decided to delve into teacher training so I could share this awesome practice with others. I was accepted into Krystle's 200hr RYT program, and I could have never predicted how much I would learn, how I would get to know myself, and the lifelong friends I would make. Haute Yogis has lit a fire within me that I am ever so grateful for and can't wait to share with you, see you in class! Namastè! 

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