@ Haute Yogis there are many different people on their own yoga journeys!! Here are a few of their stories.

I attended my first Haute Yogi yoga class. I discovered a new feeling I had never felt before. It was like I was wrapped in a blanket of love. What is this? This is strange. Unconditional love? That's foolish. The more time I spent in the studio, the more, I was proved wrong. It was here. The ultimate goal, unconditional love. Every day I left feeling better and better. I was in love. I fell head over heals in love with yoga at Haute yogis. I shared with you how much you each one of you showed me unconditional love and gave me the confidence to love myself. What I didn't share with you, was why unconditional love is so important to me.


Being in the studio, I was asked to let go of everything at the door. I was told to focus on the postures and escape my mind. I was told to fill up with gratitude, love, compassion. It was a challenge at who could clear their mind empty. I can do that. Little did I know what was hiding in there. I had no idea because it was so suppressed that my subconscious mind had taken control of the thought without my consent. Okay, so you want me to let go of my thoughts? Well, I have to think about this, or else it won't go away? I can't stop thinking, or all lose my mind? I was then given the opportunity to go through training with other strong yogis. I was fully submerging myself in yoga and all it had to offer. The training will forever hold a special place in my heart. You guys changed my life… The more and more I let go. The more and more I came to class. It stopped. I had control over my thoughts so much that I cured myself back into who I wanted to be. Me. I was loved so much, given so much patience and acceptance. The thoughts of a negative nature disappeared.

Letting go of all negativity, surrounding myself every day with unconditional love, BELIEVING that I deserved love. That I deserved happiness. That I deserved health. I did it!! With you. Little did you know you were right by my side the whole way. I couldn't thank you more. I will remember this bond of love forever.

Noelle Stockstad

"Haute Yogis is undoubtedly the best studio with the best teachers. Krystle and company are serious about yoga and helping you along your practice, whether you are new or seasoned.


I've been seriously practicing yoga since 2010 (before that it was on and off) but it wasn't until I came to Haute Yogis that I felt challenged and learned what I wanted to get out of my own practice. From the first child's pose to your final savasana, you are going to sweat, learn, and grow at Haute Yogis".





When I found out Krystle was opening a yoga studio near GF I was so excited for the community.  I knew she would bring something awesome here for us!  What I didn't realize was that all of the classes were done in the heat.

I asked her clients in Fargo...What's  it like?  Is it REALLY hot?  Is it hard?? Should I go??
I asked Krystle... What's  it like? Is it REALLY hot?  Will I survive?  Are you sure I won't die?  You do know CPR right...just in case!


So after all of this I went and borrowed  a mat and decided ok I will try it...at least once.
It was hot..it wasn't easy...I didn't die..I sat on my mat...nobody laughed at me when I had no clue what the poses were or tried them for the first time. I wasn't sure I was gonna make it through the whole class and then class was over.  When I left I felt different...I can't really explain it... Free maybe...it could've been all the sweat!


I have been going pretty faithfully ever since.  I try to make it at least 3 days a week...the class I didn't think I'd really dig is now my favorite one.  The instructors are awesome Cassie, Danielle, Amy and Brady do a great job coaching you. That was another thing I wasn't so sure about...a class taught by a dude?
Brady's classes are the ones I go to the most.


My body is changing...I am getting much stronger than I thought I would. I realized I CAN actually do these things...I don't look like Krystle when I do them but that is ok because this is MY practice not hers!
I am so happy I gave it a good solid try. The first class was tough. The second one was better.  Now if I don't go I really miss it!  It takes a while to get used to the heat.  But the payoff is well worth it!

Megan Mellick

"My experience at Haute Yogis has been nothing less than life changing. I've been a "yogi" for just about a year now and all I can say is wow. I remember my first class, sculpt and shred, all I could think was "there is no way I can do this, not with my asthma and being in the heat and humidity". But after that first hour of brutal, buttkicking, awesomeness, I was hooked.

 Now almost a year later, I look forward to every class, and walk away every time knowing that I went in there gave it my all and got what I came for. Krystle is the most amazing teacher and an even better person. She really takes the time to learn every persons name that walks through the door.

 This isn't just a job for her, it's a way of life, something that comes through every time, before, during and after every class. I don't just continue to go to Haute Yogis for the awesome workout, I go because of Krystle and the inspiration she is not only for me, but for every one who decides to walk through that door".

Jenelle Mellick

"Hi my name Is Jenny. I wanted to share my experience as a Haute Yogi! My daughters started doing yoga in the park last summer. They were after me to join them. I was very skeptical as I was unsure that yoga was for me. Finally convinced to go, I started going on a regular basis. I started going to Vinyasa then added the sculpt and cardo kickbox classes. I have seen such positive changes since attending Krystle’s classes.

 I have seen results faster than I have doing anything else. Krystle is an amazing instructor. She has inspired me and has helped me change my mind set from I can’t to I can! She is an amazing person who cares about each person that walks thru the door at Haute Yogis. She truly enjoys what she does, helping people on their journey to a healthier place".

"I have been doing hot yoga 1-2 times a week for almost a year and I would have to say it has defiantly helped me learn how to control my hyper flexibility. Yoga not only helped me physically but mentally as well. I would recommend anyone to try a class out and see the many benefits it has to offer".



Chad Larson

Jen Nelson

"I go to Haute Yogis because of the different classes offered and great instructors that teach. It gives me a great workout and helps me maintain my flexibility. I like Haute 20's because you can feel and see your progression with every practice and the sculpt class allows you to burn a lot of calories and use muscles you don't use in other workouts".

"When my daughter turned 1 years old I decided it was time to get back into a workout routine. I heard about hot yoga and thought I needed to try it.

  I was only going to do this once or twice a week but when I started seeing the results I was getting and my body transforming I started going more often and now I go almost everyday! Krystle has been an inspiration for me, she makes me want to work harder and try new things. She pushes me everyday that I can do it! 

 Seeing from where I started and what I've accomplished now, from doing hot yoga, and trying all the different poses is so exciting to me! I am happier and a better mom and wife since I've been coming to class. It's truly changed my life in so many ways. Krystle is an amazing teacher and friend!

"Haute Yogis has completely changed the way I view yoga. One class with Krystle and I was hooked. She is so warm and welcoming when you come to class that it makes you feel very comfortable and you know you're in a good place. Whether you're at sculpt and shred or vinyasa, you're guaranteed a good sweat, but more then that, a positive mind set to continue on. I make sure to make time for yoga at least three times a week to keep a healthy mind, in fact I have come to crave it. Krystle is superb and we are lucky to have her in the Fargo-Moorhead community".

Caroline Crary

John & Kyla


"I LOVE the classes at Haute Yogi's! The instructors are always motivating you to do your best and get as much out of class as You can! Since starting classes with Krystle, I have been in love with yoga! Krystle showed me how great yoga really is!

  All the classes are wonderful and have helped me in different ways. Haute 20's and Vinyasa have helped immensely with my flexibility and balance as well as helping me keep my body healthy for running.

  Before doing these classes, my back always hurt, but not anymore! Barre and sculpt are amazing for a hard, calorie torching, timing workout. Sculpt has helped change the shape of both mine and my husband's bodies to be stronger and more toned! My husband, John, credits Haute Yogis for being a huge help with his weight loss close to 40 pounds and gaining muscle tone and flexibility"!

"I am a spin instructor and have known Krystle for twenty years, her father and I worked out together and we were running partners. I have attended Krystle's classes and continue to be in awe of her knowledge her passion and her ability to inspire people to go farther than they thought they could. I am moving to Fargo Moorhead and can't wait to be a regular attendee of her inspiring classes".

Marna Klug

Nikki Mellick

"Haute Yogis has been more than a workout for me, it has been a new beginning. I have always been very apprehensive about taking group fitness classes, thinking I would be judged for how I look. Following my first class, I realized this thinking could not be farther from the truth. Haute Yogis has been more than a just fitness classes; it has been a new home, a close network of people working together to support and help each other grow within their personal practice and as individuals.

 My first experience at Haute Yogis was Krystle’s kickcardio barre class. My sister had been to Krystle’s classes and was warning me before class to “drink plenty of water, wear loose fitting clothes and bring tennis shoes.” I said to myself, I have done plenty of Jillian Michael’s dvds so this will be a piece of cake….. oh gosh was I wrong! That was by far the hardest workout I had ever done in my life, but I LOVED it and kept coming back for more.

 I have had the pleasure of trying all of Krystle’s classes, and love them all. I have finally found something that I love doing; something that I consistently want to do, even on the days I really don’t feel like working out at all. With Krystle’s guidance, I have learned to become a healthier and happier person. She has been the greatest supporter on my road to wellness, and for that, I will always be grateful. I have always loved yoga, and Krystle has made me love it even more".

"When I thought about what to say on my  testimonial for Haute Yogis I quickly learned that the passion and experiences I have with this studio are not so easily written into words. This is because the feelings I have for this studio run deep.


I started yoga cold turkey in 2013 and stumbled upon Haute Yogis via their summer “Yoga in the Park” classes. I had come from a background of collegiate swimming, so the yoga scene was pretty new. I had visited most of the local and several non-local studios prior, but there was something about Haute Yogis. I was hooked after the first class and found myself constantly craving the next. I hadn’t felt this way about anything in some time. I felt so alive.


When I think about Haute Yogis, I think about it as a second home of sorts. It is truly a judgment free zone where everyone is welcomed with smiles and chatter. The positive vibes are contagious and addicting. The instructors are excellent, both pushing you to your best potential, but also supporting and encouraging you to know your body’s limits. The classes are challenging, but incredibly fun and on most occasions, totally packed with some of the most down to earth, authentic people I know. I now call many of these people my friends.


The Haute Yogis mentality is more than just a work out of the body (although you’ll feel and see the results after a few visits). It’s a work out of the mind, body and soul. So often we hit a gym to work the body, but the exercising of the mind and soul are often forgotten. This is what I was missing…this is what I needed. Yoga taught me to love myself, love people and love the world around me in a way I wasn’t familiar with before. I can honestly say that yoga has helped me to become a better woman and all around person. Haute Yogis provided me a place of true acceptance and a place to grow both physically and mentally. This is why I love yoga. This is why I love Haute Yogis. This is why I am proud to call myself "a yogi"."

Jenna Leadbetter

"Krystle and Haute Yogis has undoubtedly changed my life. I have been following her and her teachings for over two years, and in this time, she has offered me individual encouragement and challenges that have altered my perspective mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Krystle truly embodies all aspects of the yogi spirit...she gives her all to her students, and in return, it is evident that she is given the same love and respect that she radiates. Haute Yogis is more than a yoga studio, it is more than a community, it is a family...a family that cultivates positive connections and growth, both within the group and within oneself.


I can honestly say that I take time to reflect on how grateful I am for Krystle, and the family that she has created and invited me into, every single day".

Sarah Oltvedt

  "I got into haute yoga as a fun new class to try with my friends. I had recently gotten divorced and was trying to put the pieces of my life back together. Distance running was always something I enjoyed as a way to keep in shape.

  Taking one class with Krystle and my love of yoga was born! Her classes are unlike anything I’ve ever taken and I fell in love immediately! Haute yoga not only helped me to find a new way to strengthen my body but also my soul. I felt stronger and more confident than I’d ever felt before.

  I would have been afraid to walk into a new class that I had never tried before. I wouldn’t have been confident enough to walk through the door. Now I’m ready for any challenge Krystle throws my way! I want to grow and make yoga a part of my ever changing life. Yoga is about finding your own personal power.

  Krystle gives you the key to unlock that hidden potential. All you have to do is walk through the door! You will be welcomed, not only by Krystle’s smiling cheerful face, but by all of the friendly Haute Yogis. You will be encouraged and supported from the minute you lay down your mat.

  Haute Yogis offers a variety of classes to challenge you and open your mind to a new yoga perspective. My life has forever been changed by yoga. I am very proud to say I am a Haute Yogi"!

Jill Larson

For most of my adult life, I have been battling being over weight. I had no energy, no ambition, or drive to take control of my body. I tried many different things ranging from gyms to classes, that I could not commit to. A year ago, I decided to try a Haute Yogi ' class with Krystle. I fell in love. Krystle is such an inspirational person, coach, and friend. She pushes you to your limits without making you feel like giving up. I look forward to going to class every week. The atmosphere is so supportive and fun, that it's more than strangers doing yoga. It's a family that has come together to support and better themselves. I have been a Yogi for 1 year now and have lost a total of 45 lbs. Thanks to the support and drive from my Haute Yogis family.

Sabrina Daily

I'm Now a Yogi and Here is Why! 
 " I met this "yoga teacher" and she just had the most amazing energy,  it was magnetic and pulled me in wanting to know more about where she was from? what she had done? she just seemed to not be bothered by the world and just had the most free spirit I have ever seen in someone. We started to talk a bit and she invited me to try yoga, which I kind of laughed and said ya sure how hard could it be breathing and stretching!? "I've been lifting and I'm an athlete" I said. I almost felt as if I was to good for it don't women just do yoga? she talked me into it! I decided to try it! it couldn't hurt right?

I started my yoga journey about 1 and a half years ago. I was very skeptical about what people would think? how would they react? what if I made myself look like a fool? so many things crossed my mind and was very nervous to try it. My first class at Haute Yogis was nothing like I expected the heat was high the lights were low, candles flickering and class was calm and very inviting, many people sitting talking amongst themselves. I felt as if all the judgment and nerves I was feeling before I came in was literally left at the door the moment I walked in. I laid down my mat and sat quietly still feeling a bit skeptical telling myself it is only stretching and breathing I can do it no problem! Krystle started class and began to play music I suddenly felt a peace in the room and calmness I hadn't felt before as I crouch into child's pose I kind of looked around and see what everyone else is doing giggling to myself, she slowly walks around with her calming voice and puts my mind at easy in a very weird way. We began to run through sun salutation A at that time I had no clue what I was doing but she talked me through it very well and made it easy to understand! I then said to myself this is no joke my shoulders literally felt like they were going to fall off 10 mins into the class just from doing down dog and I was already sweating. I wasn't sure if this was for me? Krystle continued to push our limits the entire class correcting our form the whole way making me feel comfortable just being there doing it! This was the hardest 1 hr workout I had ever experienced period! I was soaking wet from head to toe like I just took a shower but in a weird way it felt as if all the nerves and apprehensions had sweat from my body and felt a calming presence.

After the class I was almost feeling a bit defeated and thought man I've been lifting so hard I thought I was in shape? The class made it seem like I wasn't very strong or all my hard work has failed me? Prior to this I had been lifting almost everyday trying to eat right and live my life on the most strict schedule. I had lifted for about 1 year straight everyday and actually gained 25lbs of muscle which is no easy feat when your built tall and skinny. This brought me back to the point thinking I just benched almost 300lbs the day before? How was so tired from just lifting my own body weight? At that point I knew I had a great challenge in front of me! I haven't looked back since! I have stayed consistent with my yoga practice maybe 3 to 4 times a week attending Haute Yogis and it has literally changed my life in the most remarkable way.
 Prior to Yoga I had struggled with high anxiety and stomach issues for about 10 years from some traumatic events in my life and tried just about everything to help me get through my days without pain or feeling defeated! I even went as far to try medications and therapy but all that just seemed to mask my issues instead of clearing them. It was to the point where I wouldn't want to go to events or even meet up with my family because I knew I would have major anxiety I was even at some points vomiting because of my anxiety issue that directly related to my stomach issues. this was one of the lowest points in my life and have shed many tears because of this painful experience.  I have always been an athlete and in sports and tried to live a healthy lifestyle but that began to fade after college. This is when the anxiety set in! I couldn't handle how I felt inside and stomach pains I knew I had to change my lifestyle and do something different!

Since starting to practice at Haute Yogis I have maintained my muscular physique almost as much as I had when I ended lifting heavy, I have just cut down on my body fat percentage. I have been able to live for almost a year without taking medication for anxiety! I would have never expected this outcome especially from yoga! I literally walk into every class now with passion and excitement for what is to come and ready to learn the practice of yoga. I now tell everyone I know how much this has changed my life and want everyone to have this outlet because of it's great benefits. Haute Yogis classes are still as challenging as the day I started, everyday is something new and I learn a new technique to use with every class. This is no longer a class for me if it is my lifestyle. I have met so many new quality people who genuinely care what I have to say and how my day went? it is amazing! There is nothing more that I would like to do then to challenge people to take that leap of faith, give yoga a try!"


If you are on your wits end or just feeling like giving up or are sick of trying that medication or treatment seriously, why not at least give Haute Yogis a try?, are you really sick and tired of being sick and tired? I was! and I want to share it with everyone! The hardest part of yoga is making it to class! The Haute Yogis community is waiting for you! we are here to help you change your life!


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