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Haute Dynamic Power Vinyasa
  • Power based yoga class with progressive flow, for yogis at EVERY LEVEL! This is a fast paced dynamic class. It is intense and fun! It is meant to challenge you in the best way. It's hot and humid, with a variety of basic yoga asanas for all to follow. Anyone and everyone is welcome.

Haute Yoga Sculpt & Shred
  • Expect a high energy intense Vinyasa style yoga flow with light and heavy weights, in a heated and humid room. Endurance, cardio and muscle fatigue are [art of this style of class. 

Haute 26 Bikram Hot Yoga
  • This class incorporates Bikram Choudhury's sequencing of 26 postures 2 times through...."The Traditional & Original Hot Yoga Sequencing." This practice is not only beneficial and therapeutic physically and mentally, but also physiologically! All levels encouraged..."You're never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to start from scratch once again!" ~Bikram Choudhury

Haute Dynamic Controlled Vinyasa
  • A slower paced class, to hold poses with control and stamina. This class has a slower temp, but make no mistake this is not an "easy" class. We encourage each yogi to do their best & modify as needed. Connecting Full Breath to Movement. Vinyasa Style Flowing in and out of postures fluid & easy linked together. 

Haute Pilates
  • Welcome to your daily dose of sweat therapy! This class is a high temperature, high energy enviroment & Bumping to the Beat. Yogis will sweat through a series of Mat Pilates, HIIT & yoga moves flowed together seamlessly to challenge their limits.

Haute Pump
  • Expect a full body challenge. You will work one muscle group and then progress to the next. This class includes weights ranging from 2-8 pounds. Light to moderate weight & repetition. This class is ideal for yogis who are looking to add weighted activity into their routine. This class does have heat, humidity & you will have fun moving to the beat!

Haute Max Muscles
  • You can expect a total body experience. Using body weight, light dumbbells & resistance bands. Using light weights & high repetition will help create muscle fatigue. Your endurance will be challenged! Everyone is welcome! This class can be for a beginner. Feel free to wear tennis shoes if you want.

Haute Yoga Barre
  • Our Barre classes are unlike any other! This is a Vinyasa Style yoga class infused with barre, pilates, cardio and technique. This class will challenge your body in a new way! Expect muscle endurance and muscle fatigue.

Haute Yin Yoga
  • Our certified yin instructor, Sheila Harris, will guide you in a safe, informative & creative manner for a new experience. Yin focuses on opening, releasing obstructions & adhesions in your connective tissues. Practiced, "less intense heat & humidity" we hold asanas without muscle engagement for as long as 3-5 minutes. Giving the fascia, tendons & ligaments time to open & stretch. This is a more passive yoga practice, challenging the mind & body in a unique way. Ideal to aid in healing dormant injuries. Move you toward more ease & comfort on & off your mat. This class is ideal for beginners as well as intense practitioners.

Haute Control Strength
  • This class is open for all to attend!!! Great for beginners and the most advanced weightlifters. Tone and strengthen your muscles through body weight and weighted exercises. Connect your mind and body through core work, arms, and legs to build strength mindfully. This class will be a mixture of barre and weightlifting movements. ​

All levels are welcome in EVERY class! Challenge yourself today!
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