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Heidi     Jan. 10, 2023

When I started yoga, over six years ago, I never knew how much it would change my life. My lower back and hip pain has improved so much, not to mention I leave every class with a positive mindset. I can’t thank Krystle and all of the great instructors enough for the wonderful studio and classes. 

Lisa     Dec. 31, 2022

I went to Krystle's sculpt class last week and she kicked my butt! Totally new moves and flows-excellent!

Lexi's barre class was amazing! My favorite class that targets the legs while still giving a full body workout!

Deidre     Jan. 5, 2023

My favorite place to be! Haute Yogi's is the one workout studio that I have always felt welcomed and at "home". 4 years and counting, I look forward to going every day. The instruction is beyond belief from every teacher. The variety of classes is on point. Krystle (owner) is the best-her teaching and instruction is thorough and she is so knowledgeable. I learn something new every single class. If you haven't been here, you NEED to give it a try. Watch your body, mind, and attitude change for the better! I have met some of my best friends here as well. HUGE bonus! I've never been felt strong and confident and much of the credit goes to being part of this amazing community of teachers and students. The BEST place to be is Haute Yogi's!

Amy     Nov. 28, 2022

"As I get older, I wanted to find a new way to move my body. At Haute Yogis, I have the ability to move at my own pace and focus on my needs throughout class. I also love the ability to watch myself grow over time on and off my mat. When I started, I had no idea the muscles that can be developed from practicing yoga. The studio offers a variety of classes, so I like being able to take different types of classes depending on how I feel and what movement my body needs. At first, I was very nervous about the heat, but the heat makes the classes the perfect amount of intensity giving me a great workout where I can still feel great afterwards! This is not a normal workout class, it's a community that you can be as involved in as you want to be, and you can promote your mental and physical health at the same time. It really shuts your brain off and lets you focus on yourself for 60 minutes."

Ava      Dec. 15, 2022

At around 13 years old, I tried my first class at Haute Yogis. I practiced for several months before Covid  hit and everything shut down. Within the last few months, I have rediscovered the passion and love I have for yoga and the inner peace that it brings me. I also love all the new weight training classes they have added to the schedule. It brings a new challenge and adds variety to the studio. When I go to Haute Yogis, I know that when I leave, I will feel stronger and a better version of myself. The community  that has been built amongst Haute Yogis is incredible and I love getting to know all the smiling faces. Haute Yogis has made a forever impact in my life and helping me discover what my body loves and needs most.

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