Cancellation Policy

  • You may cancel your class up to 5 hours prior to your scheduled class. Your class will go back in your account for use at a later date.

  • If you cancel less than 5 hours before class starts, you will be charged the full class price on the card you have on file.

  • If you have an Unlimited Package with us and you do not show up for class, your account will be charging the full class price.

  • If you add yourself to a waitlist, you are confirming you will be attending class if that spot opens. If you cannot make to the waitlisted class, please remove yourself from the waitlist.


Instructors are subject to change without notice. All classes must be prepaid in advance

Class Policy

  1. Always sign up prior to studio arrival

  2. Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to class

  3. Pay prior to attending class

  4. Practice social distancing

  5. Please have a card on file

  6. Any unpaid classes must be paid prior to attending class again

  7. Please bring your own towel, matt, & water

  8. Classes may cancel & Instructors/Formats may change

    • Mindbody will notify such changes

  • Unlimited Package

    • No show is a $20 fee

    • Late cancel is an $20 fee

    • Every late cancel or no show will result in an earlier expiration day of your package by 6 days

  • 10 Class Pass

    • Late Cancel or No show will result in losing a class pass

  • Students

    • Students under 25 are eligible for student rates

    • Have student ID readily available

    • Late Cancel will result in a $12 fee


Cancelling any later than 5 hours prior to class is a LATE CANCEL and will always result in a fee



Haute Yogis appreciates your accountability, and we thank you for your support throughout these times. Namaste!